Kitsu-Mi Massage
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Our Philosophy

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is
who you are”

Chinese Proverb

Our Philosophy

No one really knows how massage originated. However, it is said to have been born in China over 5,000 years ago, coming from the same tradition as acupuncture and Taoism. We blend together the eastern and western massage philosophy and its methodology to enable you to have a great experience and to achieve a better result from your treatment.

Our business name captures two concepts that are important to our philosophy. They are derived from two Japanese words, “kitsu” means healthy and “mi” means body.  Having a healthy body is one of the critical factors in achieving good health. Massage is an excellent approach to bring these two concepts into harmony. Our motto is to provide clients with “massages that revitalise”.

Mission Statement

To nurture clients’ wellbeing and health through massage therapy

To this end, our goal is to alleviate stress or pain in your body and help you stay healthy. We treat shoulder and neck stiffness, rotate cuff syndrome, headache, lower back pain, sciatica, pregnancy related problems and many others.  We promote regular massage therapy to increase your mobility and range of motion in the joints, provide good blood circulation, improve your immune system and reduce stress level. This allows you to stay healthy and enjoy a good quality of life. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, we encourage regular massages rather than having intermittent treatment when we experience pain at certain part of the body.